5 dec. 2021 - 6 dec. 2021

The December Auction | 5-6/12

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8 sportpaard , 1 sportpony
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Layla p
# 2

Layla P

Hotspot x Narcos II

Layla-P is ready for the international young horse circuit and could make a very competitive mare someday.

15 biedingen Verkocht naar België

Jersey du foret z
# 9

Jersey du Foret Z

Jugano van de Vosberg x Vouloir

Jersey du Foret Z is a confident and brave youngster who can make her new rider very happy.

9 biedingen Verkocht naar Spanje

Rihanna dwerse hagen
# 1

Rihanna Dwerse Hagen

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x Caretino

Rihanna has the potential to make it to the top of the sport.

15 biedingen Verkocht naar België

Velvet prinseveld dsc
# 6

Velvet Prinseveld DSC

Borghof's Gentle Gerwin x Clarimo

Velvet Prinseveld is an amazing young pony that would be perfect for any child.

1 bod Verkocht naar Frankrijk

Da vinci hc z
# 4

Da Vinci HC Z

Doulon HC x Denver

Da Vinci HC Z has great jumping qualities for several types of riders.

9 biedingen Verkocht naar België

Favorite toy vd braembeier
# 8

Favorite Toy vd Braembeier

Dinky Toy van de Kranenburg x Conteur

Favorite Toy is an excellent showjumper with a bright future ahead.

17 biedingen Verkocht naar Egypte

Quebec dh
# 5

Quebec DH

Heavy Metal x Clinton

Quebec is suitable for the jumper and the hunter circuit.

19 biedingen Verkocht naar Verenigde Staten

Quite elvis ve
# 7

Quite Elvis VE

Elvis Ter Putte x Nagano

Quite Elvis is ready for the young horse circuit.

16 biedingen Verkocht naar Jordanië

Jezebelle dh z
# 3

Jezebelle DH Z

Jericho Dwerse Hagen x Darco

Jezebelle is ready to start competing in young horse classes.

21 biedingen Verkocht naar België