Let's go crazy!

Once more our experts prepared a nice selection of current and ... future (!) opportunities for you...

That said... we're happy, not to say proud, to present a "last (minute), but not least" addition to our BHT Auction 8.2

As we're adding a second embryo... aside the Leandro VG x Coltaire Z x Walloon de Muze

This embryo from Diamant x Kashmir x For Pleasure will be born on 18/06/2021 and ... it can be yours.

Do we need to say more, if your read below?

Mother is the sister (75%) of Vagabond de la Pomme.  The third mother is Narcotique II de Muze.
FatherDiamant de Semilly 160

1st mother: Gazelle de la Pomme

  • °2010 Kentucky de la Pomme 150
  • °2011 Balto de la Pomme 145
  • °2012 Chatelle de la Pomme 140
  • °2015 Paratheos Optimus - Best 5 yo on FEI ranking (24/07/2020)

2nd mother: Sauterelle de la pomme 145

  • Vagabond de la Pomme 160
  • Ceasar de la Pomme 150
  • Vigoureuse de la Pomme 145
  • Hrmione de la Pomme 145
  • Daiquiri de la Pomme 145
  • Naturelle vh Legitahof 145

3rd mother : Narcotique de Muze 160

  • Querlybet Hero 160
  • Boyante de Muze 160
  • Farfelu de la Pomme 160
  • Sea Coast Ferly 160
  • Giovanni de la Pomme 160​

No? That's what we thought as well :-)

So... no need to wait any longer and join "the" a(u)ction!

Bid now! Auction closing around 7PM on August 24.

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Team BHT