The october auction, a beautiful horse with 5 stars experience included! Time to place a bid!

The october auction, a beautiful horse with 5 stars experience included! Time to place a bid!

The youngsters of 3/4 years old will be sold Monday 12, the competition horses are sold on Tuesday 13 October.

People find the way to Sint-Katelijne-Waver, for the selection days and afterwards  for the auction/ presentation days.

So happy to see it grow, and to see the quality of  the horses presented.

We have got 16 horses in the October collection. To give you/us the time to concentrate, we have decided to split the auction in 2 evenings.    Monday evening 12th of October the youngsters from 3 and 4 years old will be sold, some really promising horses !

Tuesday evening 13th of October, we can focus on the competition horses from 4 till 10 years old.    Proud to present some really nice competition horses, and for sure our eye-catcher Freestyle.    

With experience on 5-star level, a beauty to see....     Don't miss this one, and try to discover the whole collection.  There is for sure a horse who could suit every rider.

Do you still want to make an appointment?  Any problems with registrations, or with placing a bid: You can contact Kristel Ceulemans on: 0032 474 898 552.

Also important to know is that BHT offers the buyers a year of insurance when a horse/pony is sold.  From the start till now, it was Catherine Debuyl horse insurance who took care of it.  They will still take care of the contracts that have been made in the past.  In the future, we will work with another companie, and you can find more details of the insurance in the sales conditions.     We will present the new insurance companie in a couple of days.   Now we would like to give priority to the horses.   

If you would have any questions about the horses; please contact us : Patrik Spits (0032 475 46 20 79); Erik De Winter (0032 474 89 87 35).