Belgian Horse Trading connects people and horses around the world.

The Belgian Horse Trading (BHT) team brings together more than 100 years of expertise in horses. Patrik, Erik and the youthful successors Jeroen, Marnick and Thibeau, have the same idea: bring the right horse to the right place, including a full service. This makes BHT the standard for buying and / or selling horses at every level.

Patrik Spits
Patrik Spits
Stal Ceulemans

International showjumping rider and manager of a big breeding yard Dwerse Hagen.

Erik De Winter
Erik De Winter
Stud farm Het Netehof

Stud farm Het Netehof is a 3-generation breeding farm with top quality stallions and sport horses.

Kristel Ceulemans
Kristel Ceulemans
BHT Representative Europe/America/Africa/Australia/Oceania

Belgian Horse Trading will provide :

100% accurate information


Organisation of Transport

Export papers etc.

After-sale service

Training & Assistance on competitions

The only way to make this open to everybody in the world is an online auction on a regular base. 6 Auctions a year is the target. Every auction gets a title to describe the group of horses being sold. For example:

Young showjumping prospects
Ridingschool and leisure horses
Amateur jumping horses up to 1m30
Schoolmaster and competition ponies

To make all this happen, it is important to reach as many people as possible. So please follow us on: