Jun 21, 2019 - Jun 24, 2019

BHT Competition Horses and Ponies

12 horses
3 sport pony , 10 jumping horse
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Closed auctions

Madonna dwerse hagen
# 18

Madonna Dwerse Hagen

Elvis ter Putte x Heureka de la Loge

14 bids Sold to Luxembourg

Challenger van 't hof
# 19

Challenger van 't Hof

Chin Chin x Nabab de Reve

15 bids Sold to Belgium

Midsummer vh beetjen
# 20

Midsummer vh Beetjen

Deauville de la Vie x Feinschnitt IV D Richter

11 bids Sold to Belgium

Elila ter doorn z
# 21

Elila Ter Doorn Z

Elvis ter Putte x Quidam de Revel

9 bids Sold to China

Iron man van duyversputten
# 22

Iron Man van Duyversputten

Dieu-Merci van T&L x Unknown

8 bids Sold to Belgium

Jingli van d'hemelse breedte
# 23

Jingli van d'Hemelse Breedte

Indorado x Vigo d'Arsouilles

26 bids Sold to Belgium

Chester vi z
# 24

Chester VI Z

Clintissimo Z x T'Is Voltaire

20 bids Sold to Belgium

# 25


Darco x Balou du Rouet

16 bids Sold to Belgium

Octopus vd klothoef
# 26

Octopus vd Klothoef

Quintus x Kalimero

7 bids Sold to China

Nelly hh
# 28

Nelly HH

Numero Uno x Cartier vd Heffinck

7 bids Sold to Belgium

# 29


Ive vd Delthoeve x Duc des Guillons

4 bids Sold to Belgium

Morning vh beetjen
# 30

Morning vh Beetjen

Nabab de RĂªve x Lys de darmen

17 bids Sold to Belgium