Sep 17, 2023 - Sep 19, 2023

The Back2School Edition | 17-19/09

13 horses
7 sport horse , 1 young horse , 1 riding school horse , 3 sport pony , 1 riding school pony
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Carrasco prinseveld
# 9

Carrasco Prinseveld

Ti Amo van Prinseveld x Borghof's Gentle Gerwin

Carrasco Prinseveld DSC is a serious prospect for the pony jumping circuit.

4 bids Sold to France

Reve de roulard
# 3

Reve de Roulard

Exploit de Roulard x Skippy II

Reve de Roulard would suit both an amateur and a professional rider.

7 bids Sold to Belgium

Yolanda (fanta)
# 13

Yolanda (Fanta)

8 bids Sold to Belgium

Bedankt vd katten eeck z
# 8

Bedankt vd Katten Eeck Z

Bamako de Muze x Orame

Bedankt vd Katten Eeck Z is the ideal competitive amateur horse with an excellent pedigree and the possibility for breeding.

7 bids Sold to Belgium

Qabouter khan
# 5

Qabouter Khan

Balou du Rouet x Feinschnitt I vd Richter

halfbrother to Vangelis (Robert Smith)

23 bids Sold to France

Tequila dwerse hagen
# 2

Tequila Dwerse Hagen

Pegase van 't Ruytershof x Dieu Merci van T&L

Tequila Dwerse Hagen promises to be an excellent jumper in the future.

1 bid Sold to Belgium

Ritchie riccardo vr
# 1

Ritchie Riccardo VR

Untouchable x Glock's London

Ritchie Ricardo has the potential to jump on the international circuit.

18 bids Sold to France

Coco chanel
# 6

Coco Chanel

Camargo x Acolydor

Coco Chanel is still green, but she has a lot of quality and respect for the jump.

2 bids Sold to Bahrain

# 11


Rijk is every child’s dream!

3 bids Sold to Belgium

Ophena jane
# 12

Ophena Jane

Any child would be lucky to ride her.

11 bids Sold to Denmark

# 4


Contadoro vd Helle x Limbus

Onno is ready to give his all in the hunter/equitation circuit.

10 bids Sold to Spain

# 10


Raya is every child’s dream.

6 bids Sold to Belgium

# 7


Kanndarco x Cordalme

Kanncaro is a talented young horse with a bright future ahead.

23 bids Sold to Luxembourg