Jun 23, 2023 - Jun 25, 2023

The Holiday Edition | 23-25/06

8 horses
5 sport horse , 1 sport pony , 1 riding school pony , 1 jumping horse
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Very nice ilske
# 3

Very Nice Ilske

Konquistador van Orchid's x Top Nonstop

Very Nice Ilske is a pony with great potential and an excellente pedigree.

8 bids Sold to Belgium

Vodka orange van duyversputten
# 6

Vodka Orange van Duyversputten

Kadans van de Groenheuvel x

Vodka Orange has potential for the jumping circuit.

12 bids Sold to Belgium

Rocket ss
# 9

Rocket SS

Le Blue Diamond van 't Ruytershof x Puccini

With the right training, he could be the perfect amateur horse.

9 bids Sold to Germany

Fanta (yolanda)
# 4

Fanta (Yolanda)

Fanta is the perfect recreation horse to have fun with.

17 bids Sold to Belgium

Carina eb
# 2

Carina EB

Cassiniland x Quinar

Carina EB is a perfect schoolmaster up to 1m.

6 bids Sold to Luxembourg

# 1


Berlin x Landkaiser

Kapitano is an experienced horse who can teach you the ropes.

14 bids Sold to United States

Lucia (pink)
# 8

Lucia (Pink)

Pink is a dream to have in your stable.

9 bids Sold to Belgium

Laida (skye)
# 5

Laida (Skye)

Laida is the perfect beginner’s horse.

18 bids Sold to Belgium