BHT August auction, auction closes on 16th of August. Great performance for BHT /Parequita!

BHT August auction, auction closes on 16th of August. Great performance for BHT /Parequita!
Saturday, August 14, 2021

In this auction we have got 13 promising horses; proud of BHT reference Parequita winning the STX cycle for 6 years old

Every time we need to be grateful for the breeders/horse owers/riders presenting their horses for our auction.  Everybody has got his or her personnal reasons to sell his horse or pony.  For our BHT team it's trying to get the right horse on the right place. 

Therefore the competition horses are staying in our stable in Sint-Katelijne-Waver so interested riders have got the chance to come & try the horses a few days before closing the auction.   If you would like to make an appointment, don't hesitate to contact Kristel Ceulemans by phone or whatsapp: 0032 474 898 552.

You would like to have more information about the horses from our experts?  You can contact Patrik Spits on 0032 475 46 20 79, Erik De Winter : 0032 474 89 87 35.

This time we can present 13 horses for this auction, 4 youngsters, and 9 ready to compete.   The first bids can be placed from  Sunday morning 15th of August, the auction will close one day later on Monday 16th of August from 7 PM.

We know there are some really interesting in between, you just have got to start believing and working..

That's what happened after the BHT February Auction for example with Parequita VH.   She was presented for the auction, and it was the family Hoeben who bought her.   Valentina Hoeben took the time to get to know Parequita on some national shows. The first time Valentina and Parequita competed on the STX Challenge for 6 years old, her talent has been noticed and she was sold. The 5 other qualifiers in the STX Challenge it was Virginie Thonon who rode this talented daughter of Jamal vd Heffinck x Cumano.  There are almost 500 horses to compete at the 6 years old in Belgium, but after 6 qualifiers, it was Parequita who has won this STX challenge for 6 years old.    We would like to congratulate the breeders, and everybody involved in making Parequita to this top competition horse. For sure the riders Brent/Arnaud Gaublomme, Valentina Hoeben and Virginie Thonon have done a great job. 

So with our BHT team we are proud and we are looking forward to discover some new talents for our next auctions.  And we are motivated to keep on working like we are doing now.  Good luck to the horses and buyers, thanks for your confidance!